Helping technology

businesses to win more

tenders, more often

Selling through tenders, panels and other structured buying arrangements is challenging – mostly resulting in one winner and many losers.

Local Roaming can support your team to compete at a higher level.

Team Development

Uplift team skills to win more opportunities, more often.

Capability Assessment

Where to focus first – to win more opportunities, more often.

Team Tender Management

Live tender coaching and support with your next tender.

Outsourced Tender Management

Engage a bid manager to lead your next tender

Success Through Influence

Become the compelling force in your business.

Coordinating responses often requires managing teams that structurally don’t report to you. Impart influence through leadership, safety, empowerment and engagement.

Influence your business through the results you generate in proposals, tender responses and commercial management

Influence your colleagues through their profile and contribution to delivering great responses. Shift the focus from keeping internal jobs, to building skills that influence future performance of the business

Influence your industry – become recognised as the go-to-resource in your industry / segment when it comes to response and commercial  management

Influence your customers through the success they enjoy

“Instead of leading from a position of authority, learn to lead from a position of support. Instead of the collective working for the leader, the new leader works with the collective, providing an environment of psychological safety and belonging where individuals are heard and teams can thrive.”

The New Future of Business and Leadership
Keith D. Youens and Bard C. Papegaaij

“Every business is now a technology business. No longer can companies think of their technology function as a separate, independent and siloed entity. Companies will no longer be technology-enabled; they will transform into tech-first entities, across industries. This is a fundamental shift that must be reflected in how leaders think about their organizations and how people and technology work together.” 

Winning the 20’s. Organizing for the Future with Tech, Talent, and Purpose – Allison Bailey, Vikram Bhalla, Rainer Strack, Diana Dosik and Judy Oh, Boston Consulting Group

Success In The Technology Sector

If your clients buy through the channel of tendering, or through panel arrangements, success means competing at an intense level.

With every business evolving to rely on technology to power their business or enable their business growth, buying technology and digital services is more competitive than ever. 

Develop the skills in effective tender management as a core competency. Local Roaming can show you how.

Many Changes are Shaping how Your Customers Buy

Every business maintains a model defining how they make purchasing decisions. And it may have changed significantly from last year. From last month.

Support your team to focus on the things that matter, in a manner that builds organisational capability.

If your customers buy through the channel of tendering, build understanding and responsiveness as a competency.

Enable your team.

Instead of focusing on selling products and services, organisations must prioritise creating real value for their customers and the wider ecosystem. This means solving actual customer problems, rather than creating false markets for products and services that customers do not really need or want. It means moving away from the transactional model that shapes the relationship between the organisation and its customer exclusively around the product or service

The New Future of Business and Leadership
Keith D. Youens and Bard C. Papegaaij

How Is Your Performance?


Responding to a tender without success is about more than poor return on investment. It’s the opportunity cost of not getting that new client, that extra revenue, that extra scale, the opportunity to impress a new client, and denying your competitors the chance to grow.

If you are not competing at the level you require, Local Roaming makes it easy to take action.

Local Roaming can assist with your performance with three simple steps:

Step 1 – Contact Local Roaming (call, email or chat)

Step 2 – Allow us to host a short, virtual discussion to capture major concerns

Step 3 – Local Roaming will suggest a course of action, if we believe we can assist, without obligation

Where We Can Help To Win More Tenders

Team Development

Many business have dedicated team-members for response management – while others enlist sales team-members, admin and sales support resources to run the bid process.

Through training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), up-skill to the Local Roaming system – either self-paced (on-line) or through facilitated learning.

Capability Assessment

You may be doing the right things most of the time, but failing at critical and common points.

A simple checklist survey is all that’s needed to provide a high-level view of current capabilities, in relation to new business pursuit.

Optionally, focused (remote) structured interviews with key personnel, clients and failed tender recipients, help validate gaps and areas of concern.

Team Tender Management

If you have an individual or team that manages your tender responses, engage Local Roaming to shadow them on a live opportunity.

The Local Roaming team can work with and behind your team to review their engagement, timing, team interaction, value proposition construct and response production.

Outsourced Tender Management

Where you do not have the general coverage for response management, or have team-members out of office, call on Local Roaming to be your team.

With an experienced response lead, we will work with your team, applying the Local Roaming system to support your response and goal to be short-listed.


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